Dedicated Server Cost for Web Hosting

In web hosting, dedicated server plays a vital role for the online presence of a high traffic website. Most, of the time, it is very tricky to select the best hardware specification for your dedicated server. Sometimes, it is so confusing to decide which server is appropriate for us. In this simple article, we will discuss about the available platforms especially based on the physical memory and the processor type while selecting a dedicated server.

The discounted dedicated severs or the recommended dedicated servers should be your best choice as advertised by most popular web hosting, or colocation service provider in USA.

The actual price or quotation for a dedicated server is totally based on the RAM and the processor type.

Your main focus while ordering or deciding the dedicated server should be on the CPU and physical memory. Because

1. The more physical memory you will have, the faster the processing response time will be especailly for http service like apache.
2. There will be no swapping or usage of virtual memory and as a result faster system performance.
3. You should have at least 2 GB of memory for your dedicated server. Don’t buy any server who is lesser than 2 GB of memory.

While choosing the processor type, Please keep in mind that

1. You should select the processor type based on the structure of your website as well as the number of daily visitors to your site. If your site or websites are based on static contents and dont require server side scripting processing like php or asp, you can choose the normal processing server without cores.
2. If you are expecting a growth in your daily visitors, try to have a server level processor like Intel Xeon. The most popular and active Xeon family processors are E-3, E-5, and E-7 Xeon processor.

Most of the time, the disk space, network speed, number of IP addresses, Server monitoring service, and technical support are same for all the servers. If you will bargain with your service provider, they can plus or minus these services according to your requirements without any additional cost.

At last, we can conclude that dedicated servers can be of the following types.

1. Intel Celeron dedicated servers
2. Intel Pentium dedicated servers
3. Intel Q series dedicated servers
4. Intel Dual core E series dedicated servers
5. Intel Quad core Q series dedicated servers
6. Intel I series workstation level dedicated server
7. Intel Xeon dedicated servers
8. AMD dedicated servers

Last tip for the selection of dedicated server is that never place the order while seeing the advertised price on the service provide website, Always, contact them through online technical support or support ticket. Their billing, sales department will surely provide you additional discount on the posted price. While getting the best quoted price for your dedicated server,if you will pay annually, you will surely get at least one month free service.

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